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TripleLift Policy on Made For Advertising (MFA) Sites

Written by Annie Vines, Account Director, Business Development

Made For Advertising (MFA) has made considerable waves across our industry, primarily driven by organizations like Jounce Media and the ANA. While the IAB or MRC have not yet defined MFA, it’s imperative that we collectively hold bad actors accountable. Additionally, we should be wary of conflating certain gray areas, like “going viral”, with MFA.

TripleLift has been keeping close tabs on MFA as the industry’s understanding has evolved, prioritizing our customers in the process.

TripleLift operates a premium and vibrant marketplace that benefits both buyers and sellers. We believe in premium inventory, beautiful formats, and compliant data. Therefore, among the partners who help audit our platform, we are pleased to work with Jounce Media to help validate supply chain directness and inventory quality.

We are committed to:

  • Blocking Made for Advertising (MFA) inventory from all private marketplace and publisher first-party data deals
  • Refusing to onboard any MFA inventory, a part of our supply standards
  • Working with DSPs to ensure MFA site exclusion as necessary
  • Rolling out new capabilities that support our buyers, including inventory insights around inventory quality and control levers for blocking and targeting

Taking a leadership role in programmatic advertising is part of what has made us a key partner to all of our customers. As the industry continues to set standards and definitions for quality, we will always strive to meet and exceed them.

Please contact Daniel Steimel, Marketplace Quality Lead, with any questions at

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