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Uplifting Diversity in Media: A Conversation with Mediavine

Welcome to Voice of the Publisher, powered by TripleLift. Every month we invite one of our publisher partners to provide a deep dive into their inventory and share their expertise and unique POV on the programmatic landscape. 

This month we welcomed three Mediavine Revenue team members Erin Tully, VP, Programmatic Sales, Michelle Peguero, VP, Programmatic Sales, and Vin Zingale, VP of Buyer Development, to our NYC office. Keep reading to learn more about Mediavine and their insights on topics like SSP differentiation and economic inclusion in media.

Get to Know Our Mediavine Superstars

Erin, Michelle, and Vin bring Mediavine’s solutions to advertisers around the globe. With over 144MM monthly uniques according to Comscore, Mediavine exclusively represents the advertising for over 10,000 blogs in the Lifestyle space. They are a Comscore Top 20 publisher, offering high impact & high viewability packages via private marketplace deals (PMP) and proprietary keyword targeting, as well as custom creatives through their programmatic guaranteed pipes.

The Power of Lifestyle Content with Mediavine

  • Exclusively represents more than 10,000 sites in the lifestyle space 
  • Consistently ranked Comscore Top 2 in Lifestyle and Food
  • Grow, Mediavine’s first-party data solution, integrates with multiple audience targeting methods
A blue graphic with dark blue text indicating Mediavine's reach.

Uplifting Diversity in Media

Mediavine and TripleLift help amplify overshadowed and overlooked voices by providing access to opportunities to build successful, sustainable businesses. 

In the September 2023 Industry Benchmark Report, Jounce Media determined that 77% of DE&I inventory evaluated for the study was exclusively represented by Mediavine.

Prior to the Jounce study, Mediavine had already dedicated substantial resources to fostering equitable ad spend among diverse site owners, and formally announced their program last fall.

Uplift by Mediavine is a community of talented, passionate independent business owners exclusively represented by Mediavine. The marketplace empowers advertisers to keep their commitments to diversity and equity by making it easy to identify and spend with underrepresented voices at scale.

AAPI-owned, Black-owned, Disability-owned, Hispanic-owned, LGBTQIA+-owned, and Woman-owned; these self-identified publishers create the invaluable lifestyle content that everyone wants to read.

A blue graphic with blue text that indicates Mediavine's ability to support diversity in media.

Working with TripleLift means access to all of Mediavine’s Uplift inventory—plus our own network of diverse-owned inventory, UNREP. Learn more about the UNREP curated deal. And because TripleLift is NMSDC certified as a minority-owned business, you can count all spend towards your diversity commitments.

Our Conversation with Mediavine

What’s something unique about Mediavine that you want readers to know?

We’re exclusive with our publisher domains. If a site is on Mediavine, you cannot access it or the inventory anywhere else.

How are your SSP partners differentiating themselves?

We enjoy having in-depth conversations like the Publisher Speaker Series here at TripleLift. It’s important for us to keep in touch with our SSP partners outside of scheduled meetings so we stay in the loop with what our partners are working on or struggling with. We’re here to offer support and create opportunities for our valued partners.

Any advice on how SSPs can find success with DSP marketplaces?

Don’t focus only on the top 3 DSPs in the market. There are plenty of DSPs and specialized niche companies built on top of DSPs to work with that provide value to advertisers. 

What are your favorite Mediavine sites?

  • Vince’s favorite: “One of our owned and operated Mediavine sites, The Hollywood Gossip”
  • Erin’s favorite: “I don’t cook, but my husband does, so I send him a lot of our food sites.”
  • Michelle’s favorite: “I’ve actually met the owner of Ask Chef Dennis. He’s the sweetest and made his blog to share recipes with his students. He’s the best.”

For more information on our UNREP package and how to activate Mediavine publishers, check out our Deals and Packages. And make sure to check out the previous installment of Voice of the Publisher to get all caught up on streaming.

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