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Tomorrow’s Problems, Solved Today: How Three Brands Drove Results With TripleLift Audiences

TripleLift has always been known for offering solutions that initially appear improbable, but later seem inevitable. We proved Native can be scaled across thousands of publishers and perform better than display. At the time, it sounded impossible, but now it’s common sense. 

We’re proving the improbable once again. 

Today, many industry experts consider it unlikely that solutions designed for the end of third-party cookies are producing results today—but TripleLift’s customers know the truth: TripleLift’s cross-site audiences without cross-site identity solutions are driving real results today, with no fear of third-party cookie deprecation.

88% of brands/agencies said audience targeting solutions were the most critical focus area of their companies in the next 6-12 months.

TripleLift Audiences is a unique solution that can deliver proven and scalable results without cross-site IDs powered by publisher first-party data. And, it’s available to advertisers today, all at no extra cost.

These three case studies illustrate how TripleLift advertisers leverage our ID-less targeting solution to drive more scale, lower data costs, and better outcomes using TripleLift Audiences, without fear that their results are rely on third-party cookies.

Financial Services Company Delivers 3x More Impressions Using TripleLift Audiences

A Financial Services brand, keen on raising awareness about its B2B small business solutions, partnered with TripleLift to reach key decision-makers and hit campaign outcomes, including delivering 30MM impressions. To effectively reach this target audience on a large scale, the brand utilized TripleLift Audiences.

The deals targeted a diverse set of small business owners, all identified via TripleLift Audiences’ publisher first-party data with no cookies enabled. TripleLift optimized toward CPM and CTR and continuously monitored performance to ensure target segments were delivering to performance goals and scaling efficiently.

TripleLift Audiences deals delivered 100 million ad impressions, over 3 times the brand’s initial goal. This was possible through TripleLift Audiences’ ability to effectively identify nuanced audience targets, which resulted in a 60% lower CPM than the benchmark. Not only did the campaign deliver at scale, but also drove a 25% higher CTR compared to cookied deals, surpassing both scale objectives and TripleLift’s benchmarks. Bolstered by this success, the brand expanded the utilization of TripleLift Audiences deals to all ongoing B2B and B2C campaigns, significantly enhancing delivery and performance across their portfolio.

Through cost efficiencies and relevant ID-less targeting, TripleLift Audiences drove scale without the presence of third-party cookies.

Electronics Brand Outperforms Campaign Objectives While Saving Costs

A world-leading technology brand, on the precipice of launching new consumer product lines, needed to grow its already-large consumer awareness while cutting costs during a period of the year where advertising pricing is at a premium. To maximize consumer awareness and impact, the brand activated TripleLift Audiences to reach their target consumers at scale, with no extra data costs.

The brand activated three campaigns each promoting a unique product. For each campaign, the brand compared TripleLift Audiences performance against cookied deals, and even tested TripleLift Audiences against their own first-party customer data.

TripleLift Audiences drove 325 million ad impressions across three campaigns saving an impressive 25% on data fees, due to the free cost of TripleLift Audiences publisher first-party data when compared to their previous spend allocation with third-party data providers. This maximized the brand’s budget and campaign outcomes, ensuring dollars were spent on working media exclusively vs. 3PD. For one campaign, TripleLift Audiences exceeded the brand’s Cost Per Qualified Lead expectations by 40%, and on another campaign performed on par with the brand’s own first-party data which leveraged third-party cookies. As a result of this scaled ROAS, the advertiser committed additional spend to TripleLift Audiences, doubling down on performance, scale, and cost savings.

By activating TripleLift Audiences, the brand was able to reinvest previously allocated data fees into working media.

A Big Box Retailer Left The Cookies Out and Performed Big During The Holiday Season

A Big Box Retailer wanted to usher high-value holiday shoppers through its doors by driving awareness of seasonal deals, gifts and expansive product offerings. Reaching a new audience through third-party data providers was unlikely, so the brand tapped TripleLift to expand reach while achieving maximum engagement. 

The campaign utilized TripleLift Audience cookie-free data segments to reach an audience of over 100 million shoppers, prospects, and customers across the United States interested in holiday activities like baking, gifting, shopping, and travel. With a focus on performance, the Retailer directed TripleLift to optimize toward the most efficient deals and segmentation.

The campaign, fueled by TripleLift Audiences, delivered 80 million ad impressions at a 28% more efficient CPM than traditional cookied deals. By optimizing toward performance, TripleLift powered a 58% lower CPC, which created high efficiency for the brand. As a result, this retailer was eager to add TripleLift Audiences to their next promotional campaign.

TripleLift Audiences performs across any campaign objective and doesn’t require third-party cookies.

Check out our research page to learn more about how we’re improving the future of cross-site identity for our clients with ID-less targeting through TripleLift Audiences.

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