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Ditching the Cable Bundle: A Deep Dive with Fubo’s Ad Operations Director

Welcome to Voice of the Publisher, powered by TripleLift. Every month we invite one of our publisher partners to provide a deep dive into their inventory and share their expertise and unique POV on the programmatic landscape. This month we welcomed Fethi Berk Ziyadeoğlu, Director of Ad Operations at Fubo, to our NYC office. Keep reading to learn more about Fubo, and Fethi’s insights on topics like live sports and tech innovation.

Getting to Know Fethi

Fethi is an established authority in the world of programmatic advertising. Currently serving as the Director of Ad Operations at Fubo, Fethi manages relationships between programmatic partners. Before joining the team at Fubo, Fethi held the role of Programmatic Solutions Manager at DISH Network.

Cutting the Cord in Favor of Fubo

Fubo aggregates and distributes hundreds of leading sports, news, and entertainment networks, including exclusive sports rights and original programming.

With an average subscriber net worth of $960K and an average income of $91K, Fubo delivers a premium, engaged audience to advertisers looking to attract new customers.

Fethi’s Tips for Success in CTV

From your experience, what are advertisers most interested in today?

Recently, we’ve seen that advertisers are increasingly focused on audiences over content types and genres. For example, ensuring that a brand’s ads are running during NFL games may be a priority, but leveraging first-party data and targeting NFL watchers throughout the season is equally, if not more, important to them.

What is the value SSPs bring to Fubo?

In my opinion, innovative SSPs are setting themselves apart. An SSP with new, monetizable technology that is two steps ahead of its competition allows us to unlock incremental revenue faster. Being able to onboard new solutions in a turnkey way differentiates SSPs for us at Fubo.

Advertisers are looking for efficient rates, but what additional services can SSPs provide?

Aside from price, SSPs can offer tailored customer service like post-campaign measurement and reporting, industry benchmarking, or other unique insights to strengthen future campaigns. These custom benefits can help an SSP stand out and earn an advertiser’s business.

What’s something unique about Fubo that people may not know?

We believe that if sports fans were to build a streaming service, it would be Fubo. Our platform streams over 55,000 sporting events per year including national sports leagues like NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB plus over 35 regional sports networks across the U.S. We also stream niche sports like pickleball and even cornhole tournaments. Brands today are increasingly interested in women’s sports and local sports, so our ability to deliver both puts us in a unique position to help advertisers reach their target audiences.

While many of our users come to Fubo for sports, they stay for the entertainment. As a full cable TV replacement, Fubo also has a wide range of entertainment content for the entire family in addition to sports.

To learn how you can activate Fubo’s premium inventory and other similar sports content, make sure to check out our
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This is the second installment of our Voice of the Publisher Series. To get caught up, check out the first post here.

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