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The Results Are In: TripleLift Audiences Provides Superior Targeting and Monetization

Ready or not, in 2024, we’ll all be living in a digital world without third-party cookies. Fortunately, test results show that our solution for targeting in cookie-constrained environments, TripleLift Audiences, can provide superior monetization and scale, a true win-win-win for publishers, advertisers, and consumers.

Problem: Declining Addressability

Today, nearly half of global ad requests occur in cookie-constrained environments. When Google deprecates third-party cookies across Chrome in late 2024, about 90% of the open web will be unaddressable.

We have been discussing the coming cookie-pocalypse as an industry, but often forget that almost half the internet is already unaddressable. This is a boiling the frog exercise happening before our eyes.

Ed Dinichert, Chief Revenue Officer at TripleLift

Solution: First-Party Data

TripleLift believes that making publisher first-party data available to buyers at scale can help solve declining addressability in an increasingly cookie-constrained digital landscape. 

That’s why we introduced TripleLift Audiences, a first-party data targeting solution made for cookie-constrained environments. And now, we’re excited to report that the results of the industry’s first-ever large-scale test show massively improved outcomes for both advertisers and publishers. All without third-party cookies. 

Our solution effectively addresses the 47% of the internet that already operates without cookies. We’re creating a path forward today as the industry braces for further addressability outages in 2024.

How it Works: Audience Segmentation

Instead of dropping a cookie on users and following them around the web, we build audience segments with publishers using their first-party data, identifying and reaching audiences on a publisher’s own site. With hundreds of websites already on board, we can address 30 billion daily ad impressions, across 800 contextual and behavioral audience segments like baking enthusiasts, football fans, and family travel planners.

Flow chart indicating how targeting in cookie-contstrained environments works with TripleLift Audiences.

Results: An Effective Solution for Targeting in Cookie-Constrained Environments

The results, delivered with a major global consumer electronics brand, show improved performance for impressions enriched with publisher first-party data. The advertiser achieved 33% lower cost-per-click (CPC) when compared to targeting in environments where third-party cookies were present. The test was conducted at scale, with 230 million impressions delivered. 

Publishers also saw improvement, with CPMs increasing by 26%. TripleLift Audiences allows publishers to monetize content previously rendered untargetable by third-party cookie deprecation, enabling them to re-offer those impressions through first-party data targeting.

Conclusion: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Today, there are no added data costs for advertisers and publishers participating in TripleLift Audiences. We encourage buyers looking to lock in greater efficiencies to participate in our beta opportunity — and reach previously untapped audiences.

As we inch closer to saying goodbye to third-party cookies altogether, TripleLift Audiences proves that an advertiser’s targeting goals and a publisher’s monetization goals do not have to be mutually exclusive. A better internet is possible, one that protects consumer privacy while ensuring ad relevance and improved addressability.

Let’s create a better internet together.

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