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Building a Strong Network of Underrepresented Publishers with Raptive

At TripleLift, economic inclusion in media matters. Elevating digital advertising across every screen means uplifting minority-owned publishers with unique perspectives and helping them monetize their content so they can continue their important work.

Learn more about our commitment to a more equitable digital landscape, and how we leverage our partnerships to make an impact.

The Problem: Inequity The Digital Landscape

Demand for diverse-owned inventory is on the rise. However, while there is interest,
spending on diverse-owned media only accounted for 1.85% of total spending in 2022. With tens of billions of dollars on the table, it is crucial that diverse-owned publishers get a larger, more equitable piece of the pie.

The Promise: TripleLift and Our Partners Can Make a Difference

TripleLift has the technology, the products, and the services to contribute to a more equitable digital world. 

To make good on our commitment to amplifying publishers owned by women, minorities, and  LGBTQ+ individuals, we’ve cultivated relationships with strategic partners like Raptive that can provide quality inventory at scale for our advertisers.

The Hurdle: Visibility for Underrepresented Publishers

Buyers are looking to advertise with underrepresented publishers, but for some, finding these publishers is difficult. One survey found that 54% of respondents consider finding diverse publishers a top challenge.

With so many great publishers out there and so much interest from advertisers, connecting the two has become a top priority for our team here at TripleLift.

The Solution: Our UNREP Package

We’ve been bringing innovative solutions to the ad tech industry since we entered the space in 2012. Curated Audiences, for example, are content and performance-based deals that are easy to activate and customize. These deals make it easy to reach specific goals — like advancing equality with your ad spend with UNREP, a Curated Audience that buys impressions on sites majority-owned by women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Our relationship with Raptive, the #1 source of diverse-owned media on the open web, and a significant contributor to our UNREP Curated Audience, helps us provide advertisers with the quality inventory and scale they need. Raptive’s publishers account for nearly 30% of all available diverse-owned ad inventory (Jounce Media, 2023), exclusively representing over 1,000 publisher sites, providing over 35B monthly available impressions.

Just a few of the Raptive publishers available via UNREP.

The Takeaway: Underrepresented Publishers Deserve Attention and We’re Committed to Elevating Them

The demand for diverse-owned inventory is growing. However, low visibility makes it difficult for advertisers to meet their supplier diversity goals. Bolstered by Raptive’s extensive diverse-owned inventory, our UNREP Curated Audience takes all the stress out of elevating underrepresented voices. Contact us to discover how we can make a difference together. 

To learn more about how we elevate the digital landscape, check out our Resource Hub.

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