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Start 2024 on the Right Track with Streaming Efficiency

As a premium environment, CTV often commands a premium cost. But with that cost comes expectations from advertisers around inventory, performance, and efficiency. 

As streaming evolves, advertisers can expect more opportunities in 2024 to improve their campaigns.  

With increases in CTV viewership, new publishers and platforms have entered the space. That means more programmatic inventory available than ever before, creating a favorable environment for consumers and advertisers to find high-quality content at affordable price points.

The Metrics are the Medium

With its full-screen impressions and close to 100% Video Completion Rates (VCR), CTV provides an unbeatable solution for advertisers prioritizing video metrics like Viewability and VCR. While CTV CPMs are higher than web and mobile video, advertisers get peace of mind knowing their ads are seen on larger screens with high engagement metrics, ensuring a better return on investment.

The Streaming Consumption Surge

Serving into high-quality television environments with incredible metrics is becoming more accessible than ever to advertisers. The surge in streaming viewership has attracted new platforms and publishers, creating more competition and choice that benefits both consumers and advertisers. As subscription fatigue continues driving high churn, ad-supported services, including Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST), have become more popular with consumers. 

FAST models and ad-supported subscription tiers have increased the available inventory sold programmatically, giving a larger pool of advertisers better access to high-quality impressions.

The Shift in Supply Distribution

 FAST isn’t just good for advertisers – consumers like it, too.  FAST viewership is expected to reach nearly 115M viewers by 2027, and 89% of consumers believe FAST delivers great value.  The popularity of the FAST model has in turn democratized distribution for publishers, helping small and mid-sized publishers reach living room environments, creating an even larger pool of professionally produced, premier content for advertisers to appear in, resulting in new opportunities to achieve incremental reach from a broader set of publishers than in the past.

Achieve Streaming Efficiency

The CTV landscape has the necessary conditions for advertisers to achieve more efficiency than ever before. The inherent performance of CTV video metrics, coupled with higher viewership and a plethora of diverse supply sources gives advertisers an opportunity to efficiently reach new audiences while still serving alongside quality content. With TripleLift CTV, the combination of meaningful partnerships, creative technology, and data activation gives advertisers the chance to maximize scale and reach audiences across brand-safe, high-quality content at the most efficient prices.

To help you get started, check out TripleLift’s CTV Efficiency Package.

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