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The Perfect Pair: How Raptive and Their Exclusive Creators Drive Programmatic Success

Authored by: Alyssa Budke, Field Marketing Manager

Welcome to Voice of the Publisher, powered by TripleLift. Every month we invite one of our publisher partners to provide a deep dive into their inventory and share their expertise and unique POV on the programmatic landscape. 

This month, we welcomed Ryan Maynard, VP of Programmatic Sales Operations, Shobha Vembar Doshi, SVP of Programmatic Strategy & Operations, and Iana Feliciano, Sr. Director of Programmatic Advertising, to our NYC office. 

Continue reading to learn more about Raptive’s exclusive and expansive inventory, and their insights on topics like supporting diverse-owned creators, cookie deprecation, and AI-created content.

Raptive’s Powerful Creator Network

Raptive’s 5,000 exclusively represented publishers are not only media brands; they are creators, driving conversations in critical areas of our cultural discourse.


Discovery: Raptive creators are in 75M+ top Google results.

Inspiration: Over 1,000 Raptive creators have follower counts of over 200,000.

Opted-in: Newsletter subscriptions, typed URLs, and content shares

Engaged: People spend 2.75x more time on Raptive’s creators’ sites than the average site.

Raptive curates scale with impact. They have over 195MM unique visitors, reaching 78% of people online. Excelling across verticals like Food, Home, and Travel, Raptive is one of the top 10 media companies in the world (via Comscore). 

Maximizing the Dollars Flowing to Diverse-owned Creators

Diverse-owned creators come to Raptive to propel their business forward. On top of driving spend to their creators’ sites, Raptive provides additional services to create lasting growth for their creators’ businesses, including SEO, email marketing courses, and engagement strategies. Diverse creators can also participate in Raptive’s Remarkable Voices program which offers additional training, mentorship, and support to enhance their digital strategy, grow their audience, and increase their ability to monetize at substantial levels.

Raptive is the #1 source* of spending on diverse media outlets across the open internet, with 58% of total advertiser investment flowing to the 400+ websites owned by the diverse creators and publishers represented by the company. Raptive’s diverse creators reach 40M consumers monthly and represent brands across 27 verticals. You can activate this inventory with TripleLift today through our Underrepresented Voices Curated Deal or a PMP. Learn more here

*Jounce 2024

Our Conversation with Raptive

What industry trends are you focused on?

We’re always staying on top of macroeconomic and industry trends, but privacy and cookie depreciation is pretty timely. There are a lot of ways to adapt to cookie deprecation, so we’re looking to differentiate our solution suite. For example, we’re adopting TripleLift Audiences. Overall, we’re looking to future-proof our privacy strategy for our creators.

How does AI play a role in the content your creators make and monetize?

We have a strong stance on not allowing AI-created content from our creators. There are a lot of ways to steal and copy original content, so we’re currently looking into the best ways to monitor. For creators that are applying to our network that are 100% AI, they are denied. For current creators that usually create 5-6 pieces of content per week that then shoot up to 50 per week, they’ll get audited. We want to always uphold our standard of premium content.

What’s something an advertiser may not know about Raptive?

We have trillions of data points from our creators that advertisers can use to reach even the most niche of audiences. For example, a major condiment brand was able to activate across all sites with recipes that called for that condiment. We can leverage data to make your campaigns a success.

How are your SSP partners differentiating themselves?

We love how TripleLift is creating new and unique formats that our creators can opt into and drive incremental revenue. We also appreciate SSPs that are bringing us unique data, so reporting differentiation is a big one for us as well.

Learn how you can activate Raptive’s premium diverse-owned inventory here.
This is the fourth installment of our Voice of the Publisher Series. To get caught up, check out our blogs here.

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