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TripleLift Partners with LiveRamp, Bringing Enhanced Addressability to the Open Web

TripleLift Partners with LiveRamp, Bringing Enhanced Addressability to the Open Web

TripleLift is excited to announce that we have partnered with LiveRamp®, the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful. With this partnership, TripleLift becomes the first native exchange to offer programmatic people-based marketing on the open web.

Marketers continue to lean into walled gardens because 100 percent of their users are logged-in, which allows for precise and accurate targeting. Programmatic has long relied on fragmented third-party cookie syncing to provide identity resolution — until now. TripleLift’s integration of LiveRamp IdentityLinkTM (IDL), a person-based identifier, now empowers marketers to deliver their custom native ads across the TripleLift Exchange with the same quality and performance as within the walled gardens. Marketers will be able to leverage native creative executions with enhanced addressability for targeting and measurement capabilities, matching the quality and performance of walled gardens. For publishers, identity resolution promises to unlock a great share of digital ad spend and this solution is available today.

TripleLift has been the industry leader in bringing native to the open web. The company was the first to leverage its dynamic templating and computer vision technologies to flawlessly deliver and scale in-feed native ads that match the look and feel of a publisher’s page. Today, TripleLift stands as the largest independent native exchange according to Google, programmatically powering the world’s largest publishers and apps.

“We’re excited to be the first native exchange to offer people-based buying through LiveRamp’s IdentityLink and ATS,” said Ari Lewine, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of TripleLift. “We are focused on offering consumer-first approaches to programmatic in a world where third-party cookies are less useful.” And this integration couldn’t be more timely. On January 14, 2020, Google announced that Chrome would block third-party cookies within two years — giving a long but decisive timeline to a reality that will forever change programmatic targeting, attribution and measurement.

IdentityLink, coupled with LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), is the next step in delivering full end-to-end, people-based addressability on the open web. ATS provides a privacy-first and transparent solution rooted in user authentication with publishers. The joint solution helps publishers prepare for evolving privacy regulations and future-proof against browser-based cookie policies. It’s more important than ever to support publishers in unlocking new revenue streams, building first-party data strategies to maintain programmatic yield to keep them profitable and ultimately, ensuring a thriving open web.

“It’s critical that we strike the right balance between delivering a pristine, personalized and privacy-safe digital experience to our readers, while simultaneously attracting advertiser attention and dollars,” said Alvaro Palacios, COO and CFO at Newsweek. “Thanks to the partnership between TripleLift and LiveRamp, we’re able to extend our programmatic footprint, powered by people-based marketing, while maximizing output and maintaining our brand authenticity.”

IdentityLink matches user activity at the person level across devices and browsers with deterministic accuracy, allowing for a level of targeting effectiveness and more accurate measurement that has previously never been possible on the open web. ATS allows publishers to match consented user data with a LiveRamp IdentityLink in real-time, which enables people-based advertising on cookie-less inventory across the open internet. It provides enhanced user privacy by offering control over how their data is being used with a single opt-out that applies to platforms and publishers that leverage IdentityLink.

“Google’s announcement to discontinue support for third-party cookies in Chrome did not catch us off guard. LiveRamp has been actively taking steps over the last several years to move beyond the expected evolution from the cookie-based model. LiveRamp, TripleLift and a large number of technology platforms and publishers stepped forward to create new infrastructure that provides solutions to build a new, safer internet,” said Travis Clinger, Vice President of Global Strategy and Partnerships. “Through our partnership with TripleLift, we’re unlocking more personalized engagement with consumers, powered by accurate, deterministic data and enabling better targeting and measurement for marketers. Consented addressability is the only path forward for publishers and the open web, led by durable, people-based identifiers.”

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