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Digital Advertising Trends From AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O 2024

Authored by: Alyssa Budke, Field Marketing Manager

Did you miss out on the latest buzz at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O last week? Don’t worry, we’re here to fill you in. The three-day conference brought together pioneers, innovators, and forward-thinking leaders in the programmatic advertising space. Topics ranged from Retail Media Networks to first-party data solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a newcomer eager to navigate the dynamic nature of programmatic advertising, Programmatic I/O 2024 offered something for everyone. Let’s unpack our top digital advertising trends and takeaways from this year’s event.

The First Commerce Media Summit

AdExchanger introduced a new Commerce Media Summit to the agenda this year. The day started with EMARKETER giving a State of Commerce Media presentation. They highlighted key trends, including how retailers have successfully pushed advertisers to diversify their RMN spending. 77% of advertisers are spending on-site, but we also see high participation in paid search (69%), social commerce (65%), and off-site (60%).

When it comes to measurement for RMNs, Zach Darkow, The Home Depot’s Sr. Director of Marketing Activation & Measurement hosted the “Inside the Measurement Toolbox for Retail Media” session. He noted that there’s a need for measurement standardization, and we should be looking beyond ROAS as the be-all-end-all KPI. He introduced ROMO, (Return on Marketing Objectives) noting that all marketing efforts should be analyzed when measuring retail media impact.

Our very own CRO, Ed Dinichert, gave the final presentation of the day educating the audience on how we’re leveraging our creative tech and contextual data to allow for better informed creative experiences for shoppers. Want to see the next step in off-site advertising? We just launched Adaptive Commerce Solutions. Check out our announcement as the First Supply-Side Platform (SSP) to Enable Responsive eCommerce Native Supply For Amazon Ads Buyers.

What Will Post-Cookie Ad Tech Look Like

There were plenty of sessions about the soon-to-be post-cookie world, but our key takeaway is that first-party data is not a replacement for third-party data, therefore, we must rethink the way we measure success. Mike O’Sullivan and Ian Meyers, the co-founders of Sincera led an eye-opening session on how post-cookie ad tech actually works, including the importance of attention measurement, MFA detection, consent collection, and inventory quality management.

For attendees looking for solutions, our VP of Product Management, Airey Baringer led a session on how the industry is transitioning from a reliance on outdated legacy technology to more sustainable and privacy-first solutions, such as TripleLift Audiences. Discover how this innovative approach is setting new standards for targeting in a post-cookie world, empowering advertisers to take control of their data targeting strategies with new signals for success.

Progress in Inclusivity and Sustainability

DéVon Christopher Johnson, co-founder of BOMESI (Black Owned Media Equity & Sustainability Institute), brought together publishers to discuss how advertisers focused on brand safety unfairly affect minority-owned publishers. They spoke about how Ad Tech players have a role to play in minority-owned publishers’ success. At TripleLift, our Underrepresented Voices Deal easily allows advertisers to spend on minority-owned inventory through a simple deal ID, and because we’re an NMSDC-certified minority business enterprise recognized by the ANA, all spending with TripleLift can be counted towards advertiser supplier diversity goals.

As sustainability becomes a more prominent concern within the industry, publishers wonder if prioritizing sustainability might hinder their monetization, specifically from programmatic campaigns. Emry Downinghall from Unwind Media thankfully assured attendees that sustainability strategies will not hinder publishers’ monetization and that there is a path toward both increased sustainability and improved business outcomes for publishers. These strategies included curated deals and inventory throttling.

We’re looking forward to the next event! In the meantime, for the latest insights on other digital advertising trends, check out our resources across the web, CTV, and retail media here

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