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Exciting News in Retail Media: TripleLift is The First Supply-Side Platform (SSP) to Enable Responsive eCommerce Native Supply For Amazon Ad

Today, TripleLift is excited to unveil Adaptive Commerce Solutions, a new suite of products tailored for retail and commerce buyers. This new suite is being introduced as TripleLift becomes the first Supply-Side Platform (SSP) to support the Amazon Ads Native Responsive eCommerce (REC) format on third-party supply. 

Including Amazon Ads Native REC, within TripleLift’s Adaptive Commerce suite, allows advertisers to dynamically generate ads that use real-time assets from their Amazon product pages, such as price, star ratings and Prime logos to scale across TripleLift’s native supply footprint – offering incremental supply for Amazon Ads buyers. 

Native REC formats are an important complement to standard display advertising for Amazon Ads buyers. Advertisers across CPG, Grocery, Hardlines, Softlines, and Entertainment, can now leverage an ASIN (Amazon Single Identification Number) to enhance their campaigns with Adaptive Commerce Solutions, designed to boost consideration, including product page views, and return on ad spend (ROAS). TripleLift has integrated with Amazon DSP to ensure this new format can be accessible in the current buyer workflow. We’ve seen early interest from buyers and TripleLift is excited to highlight participating beta partners including Flywheel Digital, Kepler, Tinuiti, and SparkX Global.

Creating Better Experiences for Retail Buyers

Enabling Responsive eCommerce Display formats across more ad opportunities has proven invaluable to retail buyers. According to a recent study conducted by eMarketer and TripleLift, as advertisers continue exploring how to maximize their retail media investments, over half (55%) of advertisers plan to increase their reach and spend across more sites in the next 12 months (February 2024). With TripleLift, buyers can now add scale and prospect for new customers by extending into new native supply.  

The cross-site experience continues to evolve, especially in ease of implementation, creative and reporting inconsistencies, and scalability across different publishers, posing a challenge for advertisers. TripleLift has positioned itself as a long-time leader in native ads, and is now a first mover in retail media. By expanding Amazon Responsive eCommerce ads to include new native supply, retail buyers not only have access to incremental scale, but can now unlock placements across more top publishers.

The Intersection of Creative & Performance   

Intentional creative helps drive customer engagement; and performance is only as good as the creative. According to a Nielsen Study, 65% of a brand’s sales lift from advertising came from the creative. As brands and agencies invest in offsite retail media capabilities, we are starting to see a pathway for creative to replicate onsite creative experiences in the open web. TripleLift’s creative technology is challenging the norm by transforming assets from product pages to render seamlessly into publisher editorial content. TripleLift’s native placements are also designed to be larger, breaking out of the iframe, to catch the consumer’s eyes and cause less disruption than competing native providers. 

Through the launch of TripleLift’s Adaptive Commerce Solutions buyers can now highlight shopping elements clearly to the consumer and blend seamlessly into surrounding content without any additional creative lift or cost for the advertiser. Our integration with Amazon Ads opens the door to a new era in retail media, with new TripleLift-designed formats teed up for release in the near future.

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