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Advertisers Take Flight: Navigating Twitter’s Uncertain Future

Earlier this week, marketers added another challenge to their growing list that includes a myriad of global and economic hurdles: changes to Twitter’s content moderation practices. Twitter has long been a stellar partner to brands, but the current changes to the platform’s content moderation practices are leaving our industry questioning the safety and stability of the platform for advertisers. 

In the past, Twitter made user and advertiser decisions based on a predetermined roadmap. Today, it’s unclear if a roadmap even exists. Media dollars are a finite resource that need to be spent with meaning and purpose, but it’s hard to place bets on a moving target.

While The Global Alliance for Responsible Media, a coalition of platforms, advertisers and industry groups that is fighting harmful content on social media, is currently monitoring the changes to Twitter’s content moderation practices and will provide an assessment in the coming weeks. But marketers deserve confidence in their ad buys now

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