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CTV Publisher Decreases Floor to Increase Revenue

By reducing CPM floors by just 25%, this publisher saw an increase in daily revenue of 214% and a 124% increase in win rates!

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Decreasing Floor, Increasing Revenue: How to Find the Right CPM 

When an up-and-coming CTV supply partner needed to unlock liquidity and increase yield to reach their ambitious 2021 end-of-year revenue goals, they knew they would have to adjust their CPMs. So, what did they need support on? How to find the right CPM. Fortunately, they turned to TripleLift.

After thoroughly analyzing the campaign, TripleLift suggested lowering floor prices to increase revenue. The key to the success of this campaign was finding a CPM that would appeal to multi-format video buyers without sacrificing the supply partner’s reputation for premium inventory.

Leveraging our data and experience in the space, TripleLift advised the publisher on the optimal CTV price on our exchange without compromising standards.

Takeaways: TripleLift Can Help You Find the Right CPM

By decreasing the minimum CTV CPM accepted at auction, the publisher increased their daily average revenue by +2x, allowing them to meet their annual goal. Additionally, Win Rates more than doubled for bidders during that time. This increase unlocked even more incremental revenue.

If you're looking for more information on CTV, or just want to learn more about how TripleLift can help you reach your goals, head over to our Resource Hub.