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TripleLift Audiences Exceed Benchmarks

TripleLift’s cookieless targeting solution exceeds efficiency benchmarks, and outperforms third-party cookies.

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Cookieless Targeting: Outperforming Third-Party Cookies with First-Party Data

Audience Data, Elevated

TripleLift’s Data Products team conducted statistically significant A/B testing across various ad formats to measure the effectiveness of our proprietary publisher first-party audience targeting. The study compared traditional behavioral and contextual segments to TripleLift’s first-party, cookieless targeting solution, and also against a control group that did not have any audience targeting applied. The TripleLift Audiences campaign was completed without third-party cookies, whereas the control, behavioral, and contextual campaigns ran where third-party cookies were present.

Takeaways: Cookieless Targeting Works

From higher win rates to improved CTR and CPC, TripleLift’s Publisher first-party data solution drives significant improvements in campaign performance by leveraging cookieless targeting that delivers more efficient, effective, and optimized results.

The results surpassed benchmarks as TripleLift Audiences exceeded performance across all ad formats. TripleLift’s first-party solution drove clicks at a lower cost, delivered efficient CTR, and generated higher win rates than all other segments. Whether you are looking to activate publisher first-party data, test cookie-less solutions, or reach new audiences with increased performance, TripleLift can enhance your strategy and effectively drive efficiencies.

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