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In-Show Ad Experiences Drive Audiences Down the Funnel

Check out how in-show ad experiences drive audiences down the funnel.

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How In-Show Ad Experience Increases Brand Awareness and Purchase Intent


Imagine pushing your shopping cart down the liquor aisle. You’re in a rush. Your dinner party starts in an hour, and the baked brie isn’t even in the oven yet. It’s time to choose a bottle. How do you make your decision?

For advertisers, the ideal situation would be for their brand to immediately come to mind for consumers to seek out their label. Of course, building that kind of brand recognition and trust with your target audience takes time and, more importantly, an effective marketing campaign.

Ultimately, advertisers spend a considerable amount of money to be able to make that meaningful connection with their customers when it’s time to convert. And achieving that instant, top-of-mind awareness at just the right time is no easy feat.

That’s where finding the right ad formats come in.

So, when a premium beer brand was looking to increase awareness for its flagship product and highlight its summer limited-time offer, it turned to TripleLift to reach its goals through unique and contextually relevant CTV placements.


To maximize the effectiveness of the client’s campaign, TripleLift deployed all three Integrated Ad Experiences, Split Screens, Dynamic Overlays, and Product Integrations, into an instructional cooking show to promote the brand and earn consumers’ attention.


To better understand how consumers interacted with the campaign’s ad units and brand perception, TripleLift deployed both eye tracking and brand lift studies. The results of the studies were favorable. TripleLift found that the units effectively drove awareness and consideration among target audiences.

TripleLift’s In-Show Ad Experience

Since CTV Spots is an industry-standard format, bringing something different to the table and demonstrating the performance, service, and quality that TripleLift offers is essential. Across the industry, VCR tends to be high for CTV due to the environment it runs in. Still, TripleLift provided a 97% VCR at an efficient CPM without sacrificing quality, with our average CPCV coming in at two cents. We can also deliver campaigns against either contextual audiences (News, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, etc.) or first-party audiences inputted into a DSP.

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