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Coffee Brand Achieves Increased Sales Lift with HiVIEW

A coffee company achieves brand-changing sales lift results due to TripleLift's HiVIEW and omnichannel offerings.

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Omnichannel Advertising Solutions and Curated Deals Lead to Increased Sales Lift

A Coffee Brand Looking to Reach New Audiences

Looking to reach a new segment of passionate coffee drinkers to increase sales of its grocery-first product across premium inventory and formats, a national coffee brand turned to TripleLift. Together, we set out to expand the brand’s core audience to include grocery shoppers, a previously untapped segment, in order to increase sales of its grocery-first product across premium inventory and formats. So, get yourself another cup of Joe, then keep reading for key insights from the case study and see how you could improve your next campaign with TripleLift omnichannel advertising solutions.

Executing an Omnichannel Campaign

Kicking off the process, the brand provided two creative assets for TripleLift to convert into an immersive campaign. Bolstered by our omnichannel advertising solutions the campaign was specifically designed to attract store-bought coffee consumers. Curated performance deals, including TripleLift’s HiVIEWdeal, were strategically implemented to access premium inventory with a focus on user visibility. Moreover, strategic affinity data was layered into the strategy to complement the inventory recommendations for maximum efficiency. The results were stronger than a double shot of espresso, and that’s pretty strong. 

Omnichannel Advertising Solutions Drive Success

By running five formats strategically across three TripleLift product lines, the brand was successful in catching the eyes of coffee lovers and shoppers everywhere. The newly caffeinated campaign drove a +$0.25 per household lift and achieved a $9.72 ROAS exclusively for its promoted product line. Additionally, the campaign achieved 82% viewability, and  even more fulfilling, an eye-popping 95% of the brand’s incremental sales were attributed to households who were new to the brand and category. People love coffee, there’s no denying that. However, getting people to switch brands is difficult. So, reaching those households new to the brand was a big win for the campaign. With TripleLift's omnichannel advertising solutions enabled this brand to earn the trust of new customers at a rate that exceeded their expectations. 

Interested in how TripleLift can take your brand from decaf to espresso? Contact us for more information.