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CPG Brand Drives Omnichannel Performance by Repurposing YouTube Assets

See how a top international CPG brand leveraged TripleLift’s added value creative services to repurpose their YouTube assets to activate an omnichannel campaign that delivered high VCR with low CPM.

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Achieving Omnichannel Results by Repurposing Video Assets

With the goal of achieving omnichannel results, a major international CPG brand partnered with TripleLift to promote a top SKU. Wanting to activate an omnichannel campaign that delivered high VCR with the lowest CPCV, the brand turned to TripleLift’s  Creative Studio to repurpose existing video assets.

Preparing for an omnichannel approach, TripleLift’s Creative Services team modified the brand’s video assets for Native, Online Video, and Display formats. TripleLift then curated a geo-based deal, and the brand applied additional targeting within their DSP to reach the target audience. For maximum effectiveness, TripleLift optimized towards VCR throughout the campaign.

Takeaways: Deals and Creative Achieve Omnichannel Results

Overall, the campaign was a resounding success, achieving significant omnichannel results. The brand repurposed their video assets with TripleLift's Creative Studio at no additional cost and hit their performance goals, seeing 18-ppt. higher than the average VCR, 9-ppt. higher viewability than benchmark, and nearly 2x below average CPM compared to benchmark.

blue and orange charts that indicate the benefits of TripleLift in achieving omnichannel results.