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eCommerce Retailer Crushes CPA Goals with TripleLift

In a recent success story, an eCommerce retailer partnered with TripleLift to create a format-specific, turn-key CPA strategy.

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An eCommerce retailer partnered with TripleLift to create a format-specific, turn-key, CPA strategy. 


Facing an uncertain market, and armed with a lean budget, an eCommerce retailer partnered with the TripleLift team to reach their CPA goals. Building on an existing, successful relationship, the client tapped the TripleLift team to support their lower-funnel initiatives, ultimately looking to lower their CPA and ultimately, positively impact their bottom line overall. 


The keys to the success of the brand’s campaign were twofold. Firstly, information sharing was crucial. It was important for the brand to automate and send weekly domain-level performance reports from their DSP to the TripleLift team. Once the TripleLift team acquired this data, they were able to leverage it to help the client reach their CPA goals. Specifically, TripleLift was able to identify and highlight opportunities to shift dollars from Branded Video to Native. Additionally, with this reporting data, TripleLift could optimize the client’s budget with custom deals toward CPA on a weekly basis. 


Leveraging the brand’s CPA data, the TripleLift team applied aggressive optimizations that decreased CPA from $45.00 to $7.92—a 642% improvement in less than a month! Needless to say, this result far exceeded the client’s goal. With native display outperforming their benchmark at one sixth of the cost of Branded Video, the retailer chose to prioritize TripleLift's Native offering to drive more of their lower funnel goals. Ultimately, the client ended up investing 6x year-over- year (YoY) in this format. 


The results of this campaign truly prove the power of relationships. Without the client’s reporting, TripleLift’s optimization efforts would not have been as successful. And without TripleLift’s expertise and technology, the client would not have enjoyed the low CPAs they were looking for. 

So, if you’re an advertiser looking to optimize toward CPA, reach out to see how TripleLift can help you achieve your goals.