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TripleLift Exceeds Independent Agency Diverse Spend Goals

Learn how TripleLift and an Independent Agency worked together to exceed spending goals on underrepresented voices supply and grew a partnership that's larger than advertising.

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Leveraging Diverse-Owned Programmatic Inventory

Seeking to increase its minority-owned spend across its portfolio of Fortune 500 clients, an international independent agency partnered with TripleLift, committing $250k for 2023 across multiple brands. 

Leveraging TripleLift's unique and scalable inventory of targeted and diverse-owned programmatic inventory Native, Display, OLV, and CTV channels across Hispanic Owned, Women-Owned, African American, and Asian-Owned inventory, the agency activated 27 deals across 13 brands, serving 132B impressions on Diverse publishers. 


TripleLift delivered 25% over the initial commitment for minority-owned initiatives, positioning TripleLift as a leader in supporting diverse representation within the programmatic ecosystem. The agency featured this achievement during its Diversity Day program, paving the way for a groundbreaking partnership with Reset DSP, uniting two minority-owned digital platforms. 

Ultimately, this partnership made the industry's efforts to direct investments towards diverse-owned media a more "seamless endeavor," according to one agency executive partner. Easy access to diverse-owned programmatic inventory not only achieves results for advertisers but also helps uplift the entire ecosystem. To learn more about how TripleLift contributes to economic inclusion, follow this link.