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A New Way to Advertise in CTV, Powered by TripleLift | IAB NewFronts 2024

New CTV Advertising Solutions: Insights from Industry Leaders

In a dynamic panel discussion at the IAB New Fronts, industry leaders from TripleLift,, and Vayner Media shared valuable insights on the latest innovations and trends in the world of CTV advertising. This discussion provided a comprehensive overview of how new CTV advertising solutions are transforming the industry and delivering real business outcomes.

The Role of Programmatic in CTV Advertising

Andrew King, Vice President of Product at TripleLift, emphasized the significance of programmatic advertising in CTV. He highlighted how TripleLift’s high-impact CTV ads bring new formats to the table, allowing brands to achieve better performance and greater brand recall. These innovative ad units complement traditional CTV buys, providing a more comprehensive advertising strategy that engages audiences in a non-disruptive manner.

Leveraging Differentiated Creative Opportunities

Hugh Scallon from Vayner Media discussed the importance of leveraging differentiated creative opportunities in CTV. He stressed that the biggest opportunity in CTV today is for brands to produce and run more creative ads. With the available data and technology, brands can execute interactive CTV campaigns at scale. Scallon also highlighted the potential of bridging social media content, such as popular TikToks, to CTV platforms, thereby enhancing creative reach and effectiveness.

Measuring Success in a Fragmented Landscape

Stu Schwartzapfel from shared insights on navigating the fragmented CTV landscape. He explained how, in collaboration with TripleLift, developed norms and benchmarks for CTV measurement and campaign performance. These benchmarks allow brands to understand what good and bad looks like across various advertiser categories and inventory sources. By leveraging these norms, brands can make informed decisions and optimize their CTV strategies for maximum impact.

The Power New CTV Advertising Solutions

In conclusion, the panel underscored the transformative power of new CTV advertising solutions. Through programmatic strategies, creative innovations, and robust measurement frameworks, brands can achieve significant business outcomes and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving CTV landscape.