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Prominent Kids Snack Brand Partners with TripleLift for Product Line Expansion

TripleLift drives awareness of popular kids snack brand's new product line as they continue expanding their market reach.

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TripleLift drives awareness of popular kids snack brand's new product line as they continue expanding their market reach.


A prominent snack brand was expanding their product line into breakfast cereal with a new product. Their goal was to call attention to the new product and convey benefits provided to consumers, which included new families, brown-and blue-collar families, and current customers. This is where TripleLift's In-Feed Native advertising solutions come in.


This brand chose to partner with TripleLiftwith eye-catching ad formats, such as in-feed native Image and Cinemagraph. Cinemagraph formatting captures audience attention and brings the imagery to life, creating a unique user experience. Native Image blends seamlessly into publisher sites and allows audiences to click through to the brands' homepage making it the best option for expanding audience reach and attracting audiences directly to the brand's webpage


Overall, this campaign was successful at driving awareness. There was a +7-ppt. increase in aided awareness which means post exposure, people were able to recognize and identify the brand more often. This campaign was able to reach the target audiences and convey the benefits that this new product will provide to their children as seen in the lift in message association. The brand is now thought of more highly and parents understand why this product will a great addition to their pantry.

Orange graphics with stats proving TripleLift's in-feed native solutions were effective at driving growth for the brand.

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