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A New Milestone: $1 Billion in Publisher Payouts

When we first launched our native programmatic product back in 2014, digital publishing was experiencing unprecedented challenges. Facebook, Google, and other digital platforms had evolved into media juggernauts that were grabbing an increasingly disproportionate slice of ad budgets and squeezing publishers in the process. We designed in-feed native ads as a tool to redistribute ad spend back to the open web and help media companies fight back. This was our first step towards aligning with the needs and ambitions of digital publishers.

As the ad market has grown, the challenges facing open web properties have remained. Publishers have been forced to constantly rethink their strategies to combat continued pressure from the platforms, an increasingly complicated programmatic ecosystem, resource challenges, misinformation, or any number of the other hurdles. At TripleLift, our goal is to support them in this journey. Publishers are written into our mission statement, and they have actively helped us design our roadmap.

Over these past seven years we’ve grown from a company helping publishers secure their share of the non-social native budget, to a platform that supports them in monetizing every major programmatically transactable ad format. Whether it’s low cost access to commodity banner dollars, highly performant native budgets, or increasingly valuable video spend, we’ve built these product lines and invested in their growth because the market asked us to. 

And our shared results from that adoption have been incredible.

Today, we have reached a milestone that is amongst our proudest achievements, and one that we could not have dreamed of when we opened our doors: we just surpassed $1 billion in publisher revenue share. Meaning: we are about to write a check containing our one-billionth dollar sent to a website owner.

This moment has us reflecting on the unique supply that TripleLift represents in the marketplace:

We take pride in the growth our publishers have had with TripleLift. That’s $1 billion towards quality content and journalism that globally supports the free distribution of content, information, and news. Hitting this mark feels great, but what feels even better is knowing we achieved it in partnership with these wonderful organizations we appreciate and admire so much.

To the next $1 billion…

Michael Lehman, SVP Global Supply, TripleLift

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