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TripleLift’s 2023 Snapshot: A Year of Effectiveness and Results for Advertisers and Publishers

As 2023 draws to a close, TripleLift, the ad tech platform elevating digital advertising across every screen, wraps a 2023 year marked by innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to economic inclusion and sustainability. With the launch of first-party data solution TripleLift Audiences, along with partnerships that bolster the offering, the ad tech platform made significant leaps in demonstrating effectiveness and delivering results for advertisers and publishers.

Bolstering Expertise

Amazon Ads veteran Ed Dinichert joined this year as Chief Revenue Officer to lead the 200+ person global team, oversee customer success, and help retail media networks expand their platform offerings. Adolfo Villagomez and Tony Wells also joined as independent board directors. Both have worked for decades at leading brands, including Verizon and The Home Depot. Their additions further TripleLift’s ability to deliver in the retail media and data addressability spaces.

Superior Audiences: The First-Party Data Solution

The launch of TripleLift Audiences (TLA) in 2023 is more than a technological advancement; it’s a paradigm shift in how advertisers and publishers understand the power of first-party data. September marked the release of the industry’s first-ever large-scale test results showing that its recently launched targeting solution is effective across the web, including in cookie-constrained environments. With 28,600 domains already available, TLA has delivered a remarkable CPM increase of 26% for publishers and a 33% lower cost-per-click (CPC) for advertisers.

TripleLift’s commitment to solving cookie depreciation with first-party data extends beyond mere numbers; it’s about empowering partners with insights that fuel success.

Premium Quality: Direct Publishers Inventory

TripleLift’s pursuit of effectiveness in 2023 led to the onboarding of more than 200 new direct publisher partners in open web and CTV, a number that belies the quality and influence these partnerships bring to the advertising ecosystem. Including Plex, these online and CTV, solidify TripleLift’s reputation as the go-to platform for premium content.

TripleLift’s supply chain health is a testament to the company’s long-standing network curation, validated by Jounce’s findings of 98% coverage, 97% authorization in ads.txt and app-ads.txt, and 99% listing in sellers.json. With 72% of ad spend going to direct supply, dedication to ensuring a clean, transparent and trustworthy supply chain is paramount. TripleLift works with 80%+ of comScore 200 Ad-Supported Publishers and delivers 2 trillion+ monthly global impressions across North America, EMEA, LATAM, APAC, and MENA.

Effective Advertising: Powerful Creative Tech

Investment in formats in 2023 represents more than a financial commitment—it’s a pledge to redefine the creative landscape. In-feed, integrated ads, and branded video formats are not just advertisements; they are experiences carefully crafted to captivate audiences. Advertiser data underscores the efficacy and demonstrates statistically significant increases in revenue and CPMs for publishers.

Native advertising, as exemplified in Hearst and CafeMedia case studies, remains as a potent force in the industry, outperforming display, social, and competitors. The statistics tell a compelling story—42% more likely to capture consumer attention than banners, a 100% revenue boost for Hearst, and a 41% revenue surge for CafeMedia.

In CTV, TripleLift has not just entered the arena; they have become the game-changer. Partnerships with premium publishers like Samsung, DIRECTV, and Plex TV underscore the trust placed in TripleLift. With a 70% average increase in CTV premium publisher revenue YoY, Live Sports Lookbook, and an extensive library of 30+ packages, they are not just keeping pace but setting the tempo. The Adelaide partnership, launched in 2023, has elevated offerings and actively contributed to industry benchmarks. TripleLift inventory consistently outperformed Adelaide’s CTV benchmarks by 8%, a testament to the quality of TripleLift placements and the strength of this partnership.

Sustainability: Scope 3 Commitment

TripleLift announced in April a commitment to Scope 1 and 2, and Scope 3 reductions to lower each by more than 50% by 2030. has always been at the forefront of some of the world’s most significant issues and is dedicated to going green and lowering emissions on a global scale. The company has fully committed to reducing absolute scopes 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 51.33% by 2030. Additionally, TripleLift commits to reducing Scope 3 GHG emissions related to air, hotel, and car travel by 55% per full-time team member by 2030. Both are science-based target (SBTI) reduction goals and are 1.5ºC aligned.

TripleLift also partnered with Patch, the platform scaling unified climate action, to offset carbon emissions by investing in the Clearloop Panola County Solar Project, a female and minority-led supplier. These internal efforts added to the client initiative, the GREEN Exchange Traded Deal, which gives advertisers another way to use their dollars to keep the planet green.

Intentional Investment: Increasing Economic Inclusion & Sustainability

Onboarding 5,838 UNREP sites (Underrepresented Publishers) in 2023 is not just about numbers but driving economic inclusion. TripleLift initiatives have influenced $90M in ad spend, driving change across over 90 accounts. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a checkbox; it’s a commitment. TripleLift’s vast inventory of publishers gives advertisers access to 220 Billion monthly impression avails across diverse-owned sites. These packages include inventory among publishers owned by Women, LGBTQ+, Blacks, Latinx, and Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

As TripleLift wraps up an exceptional 2023, the journey doesn’t end here; it evolves. Every partnership, initiative, and innovation is not just a step forward; it’s a statement of intent—to push boundaries, foster connections, and redefine the future of advertising.

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