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TripleLift CTV Drives Well-Known Auto Brand Forward in Differentiated Market

Learn how this major auto brand reached their goals with CTV Spots.

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CTV Solutions for Auto Brands

Learn how our CTV solutions for auto brands helped this major company effectively reach their target audience.

A top international automotive brand partnered with TripleLift to test CTV Spots brand impact across their core audience segments in Canada. The brand was primarily interested in driving brand awareness and testing the efficacy of this relatively new format in driving lower funnel metrics like consideration and message association.

The automotive brand repurposed a traditional TV advertisement to deploy 15 and 30-second CTV spots unit targeting Canadians 25 to 64. To understand the impact of the advertisement and garner insights to inform their strategy, TripleLift ran a brand lift study alongside the campaign. The analysis was segmented by age group, household income, and region of Canada to provide tailored recommendations for the brand’s identified target audiences.


Overall, this campaign drove increases in brand metrics across the full funnel. Despite being a well-known brand with 91% of those surveyed identifying it as a brand they’ve heard of, the campaign was able reach those not yet familiar with the brand driving statistically significant increases in aided awareness. Excitingly, individuals exposed to the extended 30-second ad units exhibited a more robust association with the messages that the brand "is innovative," “is dependable,” and "is fun to drive.”