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CTV In-Show Ads Elevate Brand Perception for CPG Brand

See how a popular chocolate brand leveraged TripleLift's In-Show Split Screen ad format to elevate awareness and perception amongst their target audience via non-intrusive CTV ad experiences.

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Holiday CTV Advertising the CPG Way

A popular chocolate brand aimed to increase the adoption of their holiday line of sweets. They sought to deliver their message while elevating brand awareness and perception with high impact, yet non-intrusive holiday CTV advertising.

Promoting seasonal messaging, the brand employed TripleLift’s Split Screen ad to engage viewers - integrating their tagline, logo, and product imagery within actual food programming - completely avoiding cluttered, traditional ad breaks. An eye-tracking study was conducted to understand how viewers interacted with the unit and determine attitudinal changes towards the brand.

Takeaway: Holiday CTV Advertising With TripleLift Performs

The study resulted in 94% aided recall, with a +43% lift in brand perception. 98% of the audience recalled the brand’s seasonal messaging. When asked about the components of the ad that caught their eye, respondents mentioned the product and brand name - and shared the ad experience was contextually relevant to the show!