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CPG Client Crushes Campaign Goals Using Instream and Branded Video

Learn how TripleLift helped this CPG brand hit their goals by leveraging Instream and Branded Video.

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Video Advertising for CPG Brands

Looking to promote a new product in France, a major food brand partnered with TripleLift—among others—to run video ads to reach their target audience. Focusing on driving brand recall, the brand combined TripleLift’s In-stream and Branded Video formats to engage their target audience at scale. TL;DR — video advertising for CPG brands just works.

Looking to reach women aged 25 to 34 with children, the brand focused on VCR and CPCV to measure the success of their campaign across all partners. As a programmatic SSP, TripleLift’s approach was to leverage curated deals and optimize for the brand’s KPIs, VCR, and Viewability, prioritizing performance without sacrificing brand safety.

Takeaway: Video Advertising for CPG Brands Works

the Branded Video component achieved a CPCV of .003€, far surpassing expectations. Moreover, the campaign reached 70% of the Brand’s target audience according to a Nielsen DAR measurement, with an Instream completion rate of 85%. TripleLift’s engaging online video formats and far-reaching creative units were a winning formula, enabling the CPG brand to smash campaign objectives. As a top performer for the CPG brand for this campaign, the brand elected to continue working with TripleLift to reach consumers.


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