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Sports Team Scores Big on Attention with TripleLift Video

All eyes are on this national sports team in the postseason as they gain attention through TripleLift Video and Adelaide measurement!

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Achieving Better Video Results With TripleLift

Heading into the playoffs, a national sports team aimed to create a buzz and boost viewership by leveraging a dynamic combination of premium formats. Ultimately, the campaign was successful, achieving better video results and higher-than-benchmark attention scores.

The team tapped TripleLift as its trusted partner to enable attention-grabbing CTV Spots, In-Stream Video, and Display formats to enhance game awareness while improving their operational efficiency. TripleLift deployed optimizations at the publisher and domain levels, eliminating bundle codes with low attention scores to achieve the team’s objective of achieving better video results.

The Takeaway: It Pays to Partner

The campaign was a slam dunk! With frequent optimizations and TripleLift's partnership with 

Along with Adelaide, an attention measurement provider, the team achieved above-benchmark attention scores and VCR. The campaign also drove incremental reach to linear at a lower frequency than linear alone.

Better Video Results

orange, pink and blue graphics displaying statistics that demonstrate better video results achieved with TripleLift products and services.

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