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DMEXCO 2022 |Third-Party Cookie Deprecation Preparedness | TripleLift

"If you don't get any curve balls thrown at you, which obviously always happens, we are very well prepared. We started preparing back in 2018 - even before that. And if you look at the opportunities that the anonymous solutions and the ID solutions bring to you, and you find those, and you keep them at the forefront, then you're going to be fine," says Nils Kopnarski, Operations Director, DACH at MiQ Digital. Hear the rest of how experts in the programmatic world, including Andreas Lux-Wellenhof, Head of Programmatic Supply EMEA at Google, Sven Hagemeier, Lead Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships - EMEA at the Trade Desk, and Abdelkader Barjiji, Senior VP of Product Management Programmatic & Data at Ströer Media Solutions feel about their preparedness for third-party cookie deprecation in a recent interview at DMEXCO. Discover what TripleLift is all about: