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Native Ads Drives Lower Funnel Efficiency for Auto Brand

Learn how a major auto brand improved their lower funnel efficiency without compromising viewability with TripleLift's Native advertising formats, curated performance deals, and audience targeting.

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An automotive brand partnered with TripleLift to improve lower funnel efficiency and maintain high viewability


With the goal of engaging their key audiences, a major auto brand chose to partner with TripleLift to improve their lower funnel efficiency and maintain high viewability. The campaign creative had to include high-impact elements, and a user experience that would engage the consumer and, importantly, could scale across audiences, tactics, and premium inventory channels within the publisher content feed.


The first step toward helping the brand reach their goals was choosing the correct ad formats. To that end, TripleLift began with selecting high-impact native formats, including Image and Scroll, to engage the target audience. Next, curated performance deals were then carefully chosen by the team to access premium in-feed native inventory. And lastly, key audience targeting was added to reach qualified users, encourage conversion, and drive meaningful action on the brand’s site. 


The results of this campaign were more than encouraging. The thoughtful planning led to significant results for the brand. Cost per acquisition improved consistently throughout the flight, becoming 75% more efficient by the end of the campaign. Performance deals also improved efficiencies, and the strategic focus on time of day/week, top cities, device, and lookalike targeting tactics dramatically improved lower funnel performance.  Specifically, the campaign achieved a CPM 18% more efficient against benchmark and 11.2% higher viewability. That’s not bad.  


When all was said and done, the partnership between the client and TripleLift led to a successful campaign that delivered results far above benchmark. So, if you’re an advertiser looking to develop a lower funnel strategy for your automotive brand, or just looking to improve the one you have, reach out, we’re here to help.