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McDonalds Utilizes Global Video Scale to Engage Audience

See how a McDonalds leverages TripleLift global video scale to drive engagement.

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How McDonald's Leverages TripleLift Global Video Scale to Drive Engagement

McDonald’s UK Increases Audience Engagement Using Global Video Scale


We’re living in a world with virtually limitless content options. No matter what a viewer is looking for, chances are, they’ll find it. And most likely, they’ll find it on a streaming service. With the rise of streaming, advertisers are getting into the digital game rather than solely relying on the dwindling viewership compared traditional broadcast and cable TV.

By leveraging modern channels, advertisers are able to collect data, earn brand exposure, enhance targeting and offer better personalization. All functionalities that traditional TV simply can’t provide. With the market trending toward digital ads, it’s important that advertisers ensure they’re picking the right format to connect with audiences most engagingly and effectively. 

So, when McDonald’s UK was seeking an opportunity to serve cost-efficient, viewable video ads to increase awareness of their products, and to engage their audience at scale, they needed a partner with a track record of success in the video space, and the natural choice was TripleLift.


With TripleLift being a top three global video provider, garnering scale without compromising efficiency wasn’t a problem. TripleLift offered a solution through In-Feed Branded Video and In-Break In-Stream video formats, both highly viewable with top VCRs and engagement rates. By employing a combination of video formats, TripleLift was able to balance the CPM and continuously drive engagement.


TripleLift’s scale and optimizations between top-performing creatives drove audience engagement and promoted sales. In other words, it was a success. 

In-Stream effectively engaged audiences, while Branded Video held their attention. The campaign reached over 27% higher viewability, and over 20% higher VCR, compared to our benchmark.

Both units are highly viewable, maximizing the brand’s dollar across the catalogue of publisher options, hand-picked to address the audience.

Why Consider TripleLift for In-Stream Video Ads?

Low Entry Cost: 

TripleLift’s existing advertising infrastructure can easily extend to accommodate in-stream video inventory.

Easy to Deliver Value:

The higher margins from TripleLift’s differentiated native advertising business allow us to charge lower fees to buyers and sellers, creating a more efficient and performant marketplace in which advertisers get more for their money and publishers receive a larger share of advertisers’ budgets.

Strategic Relevance:

 As TripleLift brings differentiated native ad experiences to emerging channels like OTT, a robust in-stream video solution is an easy up-sell to publishers, or packaged with other solutions.

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