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Video by TripleLift: Effective Alone, Better Together

The great evolution of digital video has been written and worried about for over a decade now. Advertisers want to know where viewers get their content, if Connected TV ads are really working, and what they can do to keep reaching consumers despite their changing video habits. There’s a lot of talk, but not much practical guidance.

So, we’ve set out to fill the void. Digital video is progressing at a dizzying speed. You – advertisers – deserve simple, concrete solutions to keep up with these changes and reach your target audience. And, if you apply them right, you will come out looking like the rock star marketers that you really are.

But first, there are two important things you need to know about the “evolution”:

  • Digital video consumption is reaching new heights, across every medium. 
    The average person in the U.S. spent an extra hour each day consuming media in 2020 than in 2019. And where did they spend this hour? Digital Video. They watched in newsfeeds, on streaming platforms, and in apps.1
  • The dominant ad experience remains In-Break. 
    Even though digital media consumption is growing across all mediums, marketers are sticking to what they know – – nearly 50% of all digital video ads bought last year were In-Break, meaning in the breaks of video content across Online Video properties and Connected TVs.2

Data shows that In-Break video ads are effective – consumers have a more positive perception of the brand and are more likely to consider purchase after exposure. But how can we harness that performance and accelerate it so your ad dollars go even farther?

The real, concrete solution that you’ve been waiting for…

“Effective alone. Better together”. It’s that simple.

Think back on this last year and your own digital media habits. You probably streamed at least one video in the past month, and most likely within the last day. And either before or after you watched that video online, you were browsing sites to research a product you were thinking about purchasing, you were catching up on the latest news or investigating some entertainment gossip. The point is, you spent a decent amount of time consuming content where those In-Break ads can’t reach you but In-Feed ad experiences can. 

Like In-Break video ads, In-Feed video ads are effective alone. In fact, they can increase purchase intent among consumers by 9X compared to industry norms3  and they are 2X more engaging than the typical banner ad.4 But when an In-Feed video ad is paired together with an In-Break video ad, they’re even better. Together In-Feed and In-Break ads see 2.5X higher favorability compared to In-Feed alone.5

Maybe your video viewing method of choice is Connected TV. That isn’t surprising given the average U.S. consumer is projected to spend 34% more time consuming digital video on their Connected TV this year than they did in 2019. Sure, In-Break video ads can effectively reach consumers on CTV, but is that enough to make them sit up and take notice of your brand?

Going beyond In-Break Advertising

TripleLift is pioneering CTV Integrated Ad Experiences, which include Brand Integrations, Split Screen, and Dynamic Overlay. These formats integrate seamlessly into a show in a non-interruptive way while still attracting attention. When paired with In-Break video ads, these units drive 2X higher brand awareness than In-Break alone,5 by either priming the audience for the In-Break ad experience or serving as a reminder of the messaging. Again, both units are effective alone, but even better together.

If 2020 taught us anything it has proven the need for simple, real solutions that allow marketers to keep up with changing consumer habits and make programmatic video buying more effective. With streaming on the rise and the next big app in the works, fluidity in buying and knowledge of the options will be the key to driving brand success.

Now you have the knowledge and can explore your options here. Just remember: effective alone, better together.

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