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Futbol Sites Video Implementation Case Study for Publishers

Learn how implementing innovative ad formats can increase revenue and increase engagement internationally!

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FutbolSites Branded Video Ads Implementation for Publishers

Adoption of Branded Video Prompts Video Strategy Revamp


Marketing to the Hispanic community is a multibillion-dollar industry, and will continue to grow as the Latino population in the US rises. The current population of Latin America and the Caribbean is over 662 million people and accounts for roughly 8.2% of the global population, excluding the US. So it should be no surprise that in 2022, digital advertising in Latin America grew 10.7% to the tune of 24.24 billion USD. With an increasingly large target audience, advertisers need to reach the Latino audience to earn significant gains and greater relevance across channels. 

TripleLift and FutbolSites joined forces in 2019 to connect brands to millions of football fans in Latin America and the US. A year later, when FutbolSites sought to increase scale and inventory through unique and engaging ad formats, TripleLift was there to deliver. 


To maximize engagement, FutbolSites partnered with TripleLift as their exclusive native video supplier. By integrating TripleLift’s Branded Video native format and In-Stream product, brand messaging seamlessly integrated into FutbolSites’ content feed to earn user attention.


Branded Video and In-Stream significantly increased efficiency for FutbolSites, with CPMs higher than display. Both formats effectively engaged users, resulting in CTRs of 0.46% for Branded Video, and 0.69% for In-Stream.

Readers engaged with contextually relevant messaging aligned with the surrounding content. This success empowered FutbolSites to rethink its video strategy and explore activating performance deals in the near future.

Take a look at the numbers:

  • In-Stream CTR vs. Display: 4.6x More Engaging
  • Higher Video CPM vs. Display: 75% More Optimal
  • 12x Higher Publisher Revenue since Branded Video and In-Stream Introduction

“TripleLift is one of our key programmatic partners, not only because of their large formats but also because they provide added value to the programmatic ecosystem, generating better competition and therefore better eCPMsfor the industry.”

Mati Mendez, Programmatic Manager, FutbolSites Team

You can also read our case study in Spanish