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Custom CTA Drives Customers to Take Action

From extensive A/B testing conducted by TripleLift Research, we compiled this native ads example that demonstrates the importance of including a CTA in your native advertising campaigns

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A Data-Informed Approach to Native CTA Creation

Our Findings

Extensive A/B testing conducted by TripleLift Research found that native ads that included a CTA significantly increased engagement compared to a placement with no CTA.

To further optimize native campaigns, TripleLift partner managers can customize CTAs based on specific goals and target audience.

3x higher CTR when implementing CTA on native ads vs. ads without CTA.

More than half of consumers had higher brand recall when exposed to a placement with a  custom CTA.

Custom CTA Drives Performance

There are two render methods for customized call-to-actions: a traditional CTA button and a CTA overlay. Depending on the placement, an overlay or a button will showcase the desired CTA.

Regardless of style, our custom eye-tracking and design tests proved that both options drive increases in CTR, as well as identical brand recall and favorability ratings.

Custom CTA Drives High Impact

Customized language drives action. More unique CTAs, such as “Discover More” and “Find Out How,” delivered three times higher CTR than generic CTAs used across the industry.

TripleLift supports any advertiser CTA falling into the 22-character maximum – yes, that means any language or special character you want!

Top Performing CTAs

Ready to start using a custom CTA? Clients have seen success with actionable text. Some top-performing CTAs include:

✓ Discover More

✓ Buy Now

✓ Shop Now

✓ Sign Up Now

✓ Read More

✓ Find Out How

✓ Lire Le Blog

✓ Aprende Más

 TripleLift Tip

More than 85% of consumers find the image or the top half of the advertisement the most engaging and attention-grabbing. So it’s no surprise that we see the overlay render method capitalize on this highly clickable real estate.

For best practices on all native elements, check out our native best practice guide.