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CPG In-Show CTV & Branded Video Brand Lift Case Study

Wonder how combining video ad formats can lead to increased awareness? Check out our case study with a popular pasta-alternative brand!

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Integrated CTV Ad Experience and Branded Video Communicate Key Messaging Points to Drive Purchases


Among the many advertising solutions flooding the internet, video has begun to stand out in today’s digital landscape.  Additionally, with more and more Americans jumping on the cord-cutting trend spurred on by a seemingly never-ending supply of streaming options, advertisers are also looking to get into the CTV space at a staggering rate. 

So, when a popular pasta brand was in the market for a fresh and innovative solution to increase brand recognition and purchase intent for an alternative, healthier pasta, video and CTV were natural choices. And fortunately for them, TripleLift was ready to help craft a campaign to reach their goals.


For this campaign, TripleLift sought to leverage its Split Screen solution integrated into contextually relevant  CTV programming, as well as Branded Video, embedded with key messaging, to capture the target audiences’ attention without distracting from the surrounding content. 

Split Screen is one of multiple solutions available from TripleLift’s suite of In-Show, post-production integrations for CTV. Split Screen delivers a high-impact brand presence without content disruption, by scaling back the content and putting the advertiser front and center in a full-screen branded skin across various shows. This post-production, In-Show solution provides a unique opportunity to enhance the viewer experience and improve engagement and retention. 

Branded Video is an effective solution for driving awareness that maximizes the potential of a brand’s video content by placing it within the content feed of premium publishers. Matching the look and feel of the editorial content surrounding it, TripleLift Branded Video placements are designed to minimize any distraction. 

Good on their own, these two solutions worked even better together for this campaign. 


Combining Split Screen and Branded Video turned out to be a resounding success. The campaign positively impacted viewers of the Split Screen as well as the viewers of the Branded Video units. The results of the campaign indicated that Split Screens drove awareness, while Branded Video increased viewers’ purchase intent. Additionally, both units made a positive impact with message association and brand perception.

TripleLift Key Differentiators for CTV Split Screen Ads

What makes TripleLift’s Split Screen ad different? 

  • Our computer vision tools find placements for Split Screen units, identifying instances such as opening and closing credits and on-screen graphics to trigger an integrated ad experience.

  • TripleLift offers unique, turnkey templates for brands to choose from

  • TripleLift Split Screen can increase effectiveness 2x by pairing standard CTV spots with in-show ad units and keep viewers more engaged while redefining brand return on investment.

  • A study by MWB found that Split Screen units lead to high brand recall and purchase intent, where people who see the brand are more likely to purchase after watching the clip. Similarly, the combination of copy and imagery on the Split Screen unit left viewers with a more positive perception of the brand.

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