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Native Design Helped Cafe Media Increase Its Revenue By 23%

See how TripleLift helped Cafe Media increase their revenue by 23%.

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Native Design Helped Cafe Media Increase Its Revenue By 23%

See how TripleLift helped Cafe Media increase their revenue by 23%.

Getting Back to Basics: Design Done Right


At TripleLift, we understand the importance of building meaningful relationships. That’s why we focus on partnering with only the best companies, ensuring our clients get high-quality media and data to meet their business goals and beyond. Whether it’s premium ad placements or finding opportunities for audience scale, we use our partnerships to add value to every campaign. You can view our partner gallery to check out a comprehensive list of our valued partners that help us execute successful campaigns. Cafe Media, one of TripleLift’s strategic publisher partners and the world’s largest ad management service, enabling premium publishers to grow their business with technology and services. For this test, we aimed to unify the auction on the TripleLift side, improve placement design and run native and direct display formats in a single slot.


To continue driving meaningful results and revenue for Cafe Media, TripleLift went back to basics: beautifully designed, custom native templates. Improving the overall aesthetic included adding captions, increasing placement size, and incorporating font families from Cafe Media’s sites to create cohesion.


Most redesigned placements demonstrated increased performance, confirming that better visual design drives meaningful results. These results prove that our placements' aesthetics can dramatically impact performance and revenue at scale.

Publisher Revenue




TripleLift Placement in Action

Of the many attributes of a successful Native ad, two that make a considerable impact are page location and size type.

Page Location

Describes where the placement renders on the page
Center-Feed: Placement is located in the center section/center content-well of the page, below the article title
Rail: Placement is in a right or left rail on the page. Rail placements will, in most cases, only appear across Desktops.
Leaderboard: Placement is at the top of the page, above the article title/core content

Size Type

Describes the nature of the placement/template render size and/or the render size we’re limited to based on restrictive unfriendly iframes Standard IAB (In-Banner): Placement template renders into/as a fixed IAB size ad unit like in the case of safe frames, AMP, and mobile app. Non-Standard IAB: Placement template renders as any custom size that’s not confined to the publisher’s standard IAB display ad unit dimensions.

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