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DMEXCO 2022 | SPO and DPO | TripleLift

"There's no particular answer to [the best SPO/DPO to better drive efficiency.] It really depends on the publisher side and on the advertiser side. How do they apply programmatic business in the future? I think we see that in-between layers are going out, so the DSP is going on the SSP side, and the SSP is on the DSP side. I think the solution is, hopefully, not a few walled gardens. A good open internet ecosystem, but with efficient paths where we also maybe think about sustainability," says Alwin Viereck, Head of Product Management at the United Internet Media. Hear also from Abdelkader Barjiji, Senior VP of Product Management Programmatic & Data at StröerMedia Solutions, about supply chain optimization and demand path optimization. Discover what TripleLift is all about: