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DMEXCO 2022 | Solutions to Replace Third-Party Cookies | TripleLift

"I think there will be three pillars. I think you will have cohort targeting, but it's first-party driven - so by publishers. The second pillar will be one-in-one targeting with login ID solutions like the NETID or other solutions in the market. And the third pillar will be contextual," says Alwin Viereck, Head of Product Management at the United Internet Media. Hear from the rest of the experts, including Sven Hagemeier, Lead Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships - EMEA at the Trade Desk, Abdelkader Barjiji, Senior VP of Product Management Programmatic & Data at Ströer Media Solutions, and Nils Kopnarski, Operations Director, DACH at MiQ Digital about solutions to replace third-party cookies. Discover what TripleLift is all about: