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HiCLICK Curated Deal

TripleLift's HiCLICK Curated Deal guarantees your brand to be seen in placements with the highest click-through rates. Activate today!

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Achieving Higher CTRs with TripleLift Curated Deals 

Drive traffic through placements known to deliver audiences through clicks. HiCLICK delivers a 0.3%+ clickthrough rate, allowing buyers to deliver prospects and customers to their sites. This deal is composed of impressions exclusively in Native formats, known to deliver traffic effectively.

If you need traffic, HiCLICK performs. All TripleLift performance deals are refreshed on an ongoing basis so that only the highest-performance placements are included. All of our Performance deals offer platform-wide optimization at the placement level.

Publishers Include:

HiCLICK is just one of a number of curated deals TripleLift offers. No matter what KPI you're hitting, we've got a deal for you.

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