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Father's Day Package

Boost your campaign with our Father's Day advertising solutions, featuring dynamic creative formats, smart targeting, and omni-channel reach across native, online video, display, and CTV.

You can now activate our Father's Day deal across all devices, powered by publisher first-party data via content metadata and TripleLift Audiences. 

First-Party Data Father's Day Advertising Solutions, Powered by TripleLift Audiences

Prepare for Father's Day with smart data targeting powered by publishers.  Available on Native, Display, and Online Video formats.

CTV First-Party Data Father's Day Advertising Solutions, Powered by Content Metadata

Prepare for Father's Day with smart targeting powered by publishers. Available on CTV today.

Maximize Your Success with a Deals-First Strategy

Text and graphics indicating the benefits of TripleLift summer advertising solutions.

The Benefits of TripleLift Audiences Curated First-Party Data Targeting

Scale: Our tech processes 50,000 events* per-second and have analyzed over 10M events total.

Real-Time Refresh: With our machine learning, segments are updated in milliseconds versus the industry average of 24-48 hours, with the ability to identify and categorize users from the first impression.

No Extra Data Costs: Maximize your working media with no extra data costs.

Easy Activation: 1300+ Off-the-shelf segments are available for same-day custom deal creation and Deal ID set-up.