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TripleLift Audiences Outperforms CPC Goals at Significant Scale

Looking for help achieving CPC goals, an international technology brand teamed up with TripleLift for their recent product launch.

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Achieving CPC Goals by Leveraging First-Party Data

Looking for guidance on achieving ambitious CPC goals at scale and high conversions after clicks, an international technology brand teamed up with TripleLift to launch their new consumer product lines. To maximize awareness and impact, the brand leveraged TripleLift’s latest native ad formats.

The brand activated three campaigns using TripleLift’s first-party targeting solution, TripleLift Audiences, paired with multiple native formats. For each consumer product, the brand compared TripleLift Audiences performance against traditional non-audience deals, and even tested TripleLift Audiences against their own first-party customer data. 

Takeaways: TripleLift Audiences Outperforms CPC Goals

TripleLift Audiences drove 325 million ad impressions at a 25% lower CPM and 10% lower CPC averaged across all campaigns, going beyond just achieving CPC goals for the campaign. In fact, one campaign line beat Cost Per Qualified Lead expectations by 40%. Another campaign line saw TripleLift Audiences perform on par with the brand’s own 1PD using third-party cookies. As a result of this scaled ROAS, the advertiser committed additional budget to TripleLift Audiences, doubling down on performance and efficiency.

Blue and orange graphs depicting how simple achieving CPC goals with TripleLift Audiences is.

By activating TripleLift Audiences, the brand spent less of their original budget than expected on overall campaign implementation costs and data fees.

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