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TripleLift Native Drives Strong ROI and Attention for Vodafone

Vodafone partnered with TripleLift to drive awareness to their mobile network, Voxi, all while achieving high ROI.

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Driving ROI With Native 

Vodafone partnered with TripleLift to increase awareness of their mobile network, driving ROI with native solutions.


Vodafone partnered with TripleLift and a variety of programmatic partners to drive awareness to their mobile network, Voxi, all while achieving high ROI. They worked with Doubleverify to test attention across all Native and Display media they were running. TripleLift's attention metric was 2.3X that of Double Verify's attention benchmark. Vodafone wanted to continue to partner with TripleLift to make the most of their media budget

Vodafone activated 10 creative variations across Native and Display placements. TripleLift placements score high attention by design as they are in the flow of the content, with minimal ad clutter and break-out of standard IAB frames. To ensure strong performance, TripleLift’s partner managers built custom high click through deal IDs and optimizations were made throughout the campaign to remove individual low performing placements.

Takeaway: Driving ROI With Native Is Easy With TripleLift

The awareness campaign for Voxi was a success. Vodafone was able to highlight a clear and measurable return on investment when working with Triplelift. Ensuring media dollars were spent on placements that are not only built for premium high attention but that result in better business outcomes. They achieved a 348% increase in ROI for Native. Native also performed 144% stronger than publisher direct deals.