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TripleLift Kicks off Cannes With a Lineup of New Capabilities

The ad tech firm announces investment in advancements across Native, Retail Media, Connected Television, and their latest launch of Audiences.

As the industry gathers at Cannes, TripleLift is recapping the first half of the year with a number of capabilities advancements. The company is making significant improvements staying at the forefront of industry transformation and is committed to offering its partners the highest standard of innovation. Whether it’s across native, retail media, connected television, or data signals and addressability, TripleLift is keeping a close pulse on industry needs and aligning to cohesively create better experiences. 

Taking Back Native

As a company born out of native advertising, TripleLift continues to lead this space. This year, they are bolstering their native offering with a number of high-impact, component-based ad formats that include video and other rich media elements. These flexible creative formats incorporate a number of creative components that can be rendered on pages to either match the look and feel of the publisher’s site, or the advertiser’s on-site shopping experience (a capability that no other SSP on the market is offering). Success metrics that these new high-impact formats have already seen include a 30% increase in CTR across component formats, in comparison to standard displays, 4x increase in CTR compared to standard display. TripleLift’s innovative creative formats are the direct driver behind these improved results. 

Forging the Path in Retail Media

As the leader in native advertising, TripleLift is the platform best suited to support Walled Garden reach extension and Retail Media off-site advertising use cases. As a component-based SSP, TripleLift is uniquely positioned to offer premium Retail Media solutions for large platforms that could seek to deliver ads outside of their owned & operated properties and expand their ads business off-network via an audience extension. This market is experiencing attractive tailwinds as retail media platforms build off-network advertising strategies, find themselves inventory-constrained, and determine the partners they need to support their growth. Triplelift’s Retail Media solution is driven by stitching together component-based ads and innovation in Native protocols, making them scalable and addressable programmatically. 

Most importantly, TripleLift’s Retail Media solution is uniquely integrated into native advertising placements on more than 1,000 publishers. 

Creating New Signals for Success 

Last year, TripleLift launched its addressability solution that created a new signal for audience targeting for the modern, more privacy-forward Internet – TripleLift Audiences is building a better ad experience for the digital advertising ecosystem. In collaboration with publishers, TripleLift has scaled Audiences to enable audience targeting on 90% of web bid requests. That includes 30B daily impressions across 13B content assets. With the support of TripleLift’s unparalleled network of publisher partners, the SSP’s Audience solution now has more than 1B first-party consumer profiles and now has the ability to process heavy commercialization, and release brand new segments and ensure minimum KPIs. Audiences contain more than 1,300 off-the-shelf segments available, including age and gender, behavior interest, contextual, purchase intent, and conquesting segments. Previous solutions across the ecosystem have only had the ability to guarantee finding these segments, whereas Audiences has just proved the guarantee of performance behind it. This is a testament to TripleLift’s accelerated momentum of success with new data available, a growing roster of clients, and continuous performance and test success. To date, more than 50 brands have run campaigns with TripleLift Audiences during its Beta program and more than 90% of them came back to run additional campaigns on the platform. 

Enhancing the Future of Connected Television 

TripleLift has spent the last 3 years investing heavily in creative CTV ad experiences that go beyond the standard ad break, creating incremental inventory for buyers. While this solution has been in its early stages with premier partners, TripleLift is announcing the milestone of reaching critical mass with In-Show ad formats that are available across more than 70 channels. Moreover, the digital advertising platform has seen a notable increase in interest from advertisers who are looking to enhance their CTV experiences. To provide cohesive creativity, TripleLift has taken the same creative technology and applied it to traditional Spots as well. These enhanced spots utilize the same experiences to uniquely feature components such as products, QR codes, calls to action, sponsorships, and more. The result being an overall better performance for brands and publishers and higher attention rates for advertisers. Ultimately, resulting in better audience experiences for publishers.  

Specifically, advertisers are reaping benefits from these enhanced spot offerings. Enhanced spots notably boost both brand awareness and purchase intent. According to a recent study, the Product Spotlight format led to a 72% increase in favorable purchase intent. Publishers QR enhanced spots have proven to be more informative than a traditional CTV spot and were rated the same ad likability, thus enhancing publisher revenue without compromising quality of the stream. 

As TripleLift joins the industry in celebration of top-notch creativity and innovation at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival, they are simultaneously celebrating a year of client and partner success. But that’s not the end of it, the company looks forward to continuing to evolve culturally and technologically by pushing boundaries, fostering meaningful partnerships, and transforming the future success of advertising. 


To discuss innovations further with TripleLift, request a meeting, and attend events being hosted at Cannes, you can learn more here.

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