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Publisher Case Study - Increasing Viewability and Revenue

A major publisher revenue amplification partner was experiencing low viewability across their ROS/RON placements. Learn how TripleLift helped them increase their viewability and revenue.

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Increasing Viewability for Publishers

When a publisher revenue amplification partner began experiencing low viewability across their ROS/RON placements, TripleLift saw an opportunity to improve performance by breaking out and testing individual placements, increasing viewability.

With data-backed recommendations in mind, TripleLift approached the partner to see if they would be open to optimizations that we were confident would increase revenue, rCPM, and fill rate for their publishers.

Of course, they were interested.

Methodology: Going Beyond Run of the Mill Placements

The ad placement recalibrations carried out by TripleLift’s Yield team were an overwhelming success. In just four weeks, the optimized gaming and educational sites increased their revenue by a whopping 300%, rCPM by 295%, and fill rate by 194%.

As a result of these dramatic improvements, the partner asked TripleLift to continue optimizing their sites moving forward, continuing to provide value to their valued publishers.

Results and Takeaways: TripleLift Delivered

In order to re-calibrate the value of ad placements across their platform, TripleLift’s Yield and Publisher Operations team worked closely with the partner to perform a remapping exercise for several of their educational and gaming sites. Instead of keeping placements grouped as ROS/RON, the Yield and Publisher Operations team broke out individual placements to get more granular with their testing as well as refined and optimized ad units within each placement.

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