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In-Stream Video Drives Market Awareness for Luxury Auto Brand

Learn how a luxury auto brand built awareness with their key audiences using TripleLift's In-Stream Video.

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A luxury automotive brand partnered with TripleLift to drive market awareness with In-Stream Video ads


Seeking to generate new, and build on existing brand awareness with their key audiences, a luxury auto client approached TripleLift to help them effectively and efficiently target specific markets across the US, ranging from large metropolitan areas, to smaller, niche regions, and effectively reach these audiences with a carefully crafted In-Stream Video ad campaign.


To tackle this challenge, TripleLift leveraged In-Stream Video channels. Using larger player sizes allowed the TripleLift team to maximize brand awareness amongst the audiences in the target markets. Additionally, TripleLift activated a custom performance deal and scaled video assets across all markets. Finally, the team at TripleLift made sure to focus on three specific areas to ensure the success of the video ad campaign: cost efficiency, video completion rates, and high viewability. And not to spoil the ending, but the work on this campaign was certainly worth it. 


The steps taken to craft an effective video strategy paid off. The video ad campaign was a runaway success! Each market delivered budgets in full, drove awareness with key audiences, and outperformed benchmarks. What’s more, CPMs cleared below average rates. In fact, CPMs were 31.8% more efficient than benchmark. Not only that, the campaign’s creative assets earned an 86% VCR, 11.2% higher than benchmark, and viewability consistently remained 80%, a whopping 38.1% higher than benchmark. An overall impressive outcome that exceeded expectations.  


At the end of the day, the partnership between the client and TripleLift led to a successful In-Stream video campaign that delivered results far above benchmarks against which they were measured. So, if you’re an advertiser looking to enjoy the benefits of a thoughtfully crafted In-Stream Video ad campaign for your automotive brand, or just looking to improve your existing video strategy, we’re here to help.