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How Dynamic Overlays Drive Purchase without Distraction

You don't have to compromise surrounding content to get a brand's message across! Check out this Dynamic Overlay case study.

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Dynamic Overlays Match Surrounding Content to Get a Brand's Message Across


TripleLift’s Dynamic Creative Optimization combines the power of dynamic targeting technology with the performance of Native. With this solution, advertisers can leverage audience-based targeting to deliver a more personalized, impactful message to their desired audience within the flow of content and with minimal disruptions.

Some key features of TripleLift DCO advertisers enjoy:

  • Audience Targeting: targeting an exact user through a data management platform (DMP).
  • Design Engine: incorporating environmental signals such as weather, geo, sports scores, stock market prices, etc., into their campaign.
  • Personalized Creative: optimizing creative for unique campaign goals. Cross-Device: targeting users across multiple devices.
  • High Performance: combining a high-performing format with personalized user targeting.

Insights & Optimizations: reporting and insights available directly within DCO vendor UI.

While brand impact is essential, the key to our Integrated Ads is the seamless incorporation into shows with minimal intrusion. To evaluate DCO’s ability to do just that, TripleLift conducted a series of closed-environment tests to measure Dynamic Overlays' impact on the content they serve.


Dynamic Overlays were incorporated into two shows of different genres with a mix of branding to control for favorability bias. Viewers watched an episode, answered brand-related questions, and expressed their sentiments toward this new ad format.


The results of these tests were very encouraging and indicate that DCO has a strong potential as a format in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. According to the participants, integrations were eye-catching without removing the content in which they were viewed. Dynamic Overlays were thoughtfully placed during moments of lower action when a viewer is more likely to accept additional messaging, improving brand metrics such as purchase intent and favorability. With five of seven viewers claiming the integrations were not distracting and an increase in purchase intent to 66%, it is clear that DCO should be a major consideration for advertisers moving forward.

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