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HUMAN x TripleLift CTV Case Study

TripleLift leverages HUMAN's MediaGuard solution to drive expansion into CTV

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Challenge: Maintain Exchange Quality Throughout the Expansion

TripleLift has a history of reinventing ad placements at the intersection of creative, media, and data. And with 54 billion daily transactions, and over 1 trillion transactions a month, the company is growing rapidly.

Among the largest areas of growth is Connected Television (CTV). But as with any growth — especially growth coupled with high CPMs — bad actors have become an unfortunate reality in CTV. TripleLift and its buyers need assurance that their marketplace transactions, especially in the growing CTV space, are protected.

“On a daily basis, we have MediaGuard reports that allow us to identify, investigate and counteract each instance of fraud caught.”
- Eddie O’Loughlin, Director of CTV Partnerships at TripleLift

  1.  MediaGuard's protection empowered TripleLift to confidently expand with 30 new inventory partners.

  2. HUMAN safeguarded TripleLift's roughly 90 Billion CTV yearly bid requests.

  3. TripleLift's valid in-app inventory average remained constant at 99.6%

Solution: MediaGuard

To ensure a fast-growing CTV business, free of fraud, TripleLift sought out a partner with the expertise and scale to keep up with emerging threats. HUMAN’s MediaGuard was a natural choice given its unique, multilayered detection methodology and unmatched scale. MediaGuard leverages more than 15 trillion interactions per week and Human’s 10+ years of experience to provide the most accurate protection from sophisticated bots. With MediaGuard, TripleLift can detect and mitigate sophisticated bot activity to stop bad actors from harming the reputations of publishers and stealing digital advertising spend from advertisers.

MediaGuard analyzes each ad request before a bid is sent to a Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) and enables TripleLift to quickly act to stop the bid whenever a bot is identified.

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Results: Confidence and Security Across Emerging Channels

MediaGuard protection helped TripleLift expand its direct partnerships with publishers, adding over 30 new partners, including streaming services, networks, lifestyle channels, and more while giving advertisers more peace of mind and confidence to buy. HUMAN helped safeguard TripleLift’s more than 90 billion CTV bid requests last year, keeping TripleLift’s valid in-app inventory average at 99.6%. And as advertisers explore TripleLift’s first-to-market In-Show creative solutions, it’s imperative to maintain this level of security in this new marketplace, providing the assurance buyers need when leveraging new technology. TripleLift continues to leverage Human’s MediaGuard solution to expand into safe inventory partnerships across all of its solutions without compromising safety and fraud.