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Triple Lock CTV Promise While demand for CTV inventory has skyrocketed and ad spend continues to grow at a rapid pace, fraud remains a pervasive challenge for the industry. Despite attempts to standardize measurement, data and reporting, and transparency standards, buyers are often left feeling vulnerable or exploited. CTV Ad Fraud is a Pervasive Issue Faced with these challenges, advertisers are foregoing the potential benefits of programmatic buying by restricting spend to direct publisher partnerships through private deals only, limiting scale and increasing CPMs. To address these concerns, TripleLift is extending our Triple Lock Promise to tackle the distinct challenges of CTV fraud. Rigorous Vetting & Onboarding These concerns are not invalid as fraud affects about 18% of all CTV advertising. Threats from nefarious actors through bots and spoofing, along with hidden and stacked ads, all are on the rise and require continual monitoring and blocking to protect brand safety. Pre-Auction Scanning of IVT for All Ad Requests Supply Path Optimization Post-Auction SIVT Detection What's Included Our multi-faceted solution brings the safety and peace of mind of a direct deal to the open market, allowing advertisers to feel more secure with their programmatic CTV buys. The solution includes: Triple Lock CTV Promise is the Solution

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