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Traditional contextual advertising works by matching a webpage's content with an ad's content. Instead of using data about the user, the automated system displays relevant ads based on the page's content. While contextual has long been used in programmatic media planning and execution, it's also been recently touted as a privacy - forward approach to solving for cookieless advertising. But contextual needs to be elevated in order to be a sophisticated tool for solving for declining addressability. Elevated Contextual Say goodbye to standard contextual… Source: 1. TripleLift Internal Data from Large - Scale US Advertiser Campaign, 2023 …and hello to elevated contextual with TripleLift Audiences TripleLift's Modern Contextual Inputs TripleLift 1PD Audiences segments publishers first - party data against a standard IAB taxonomy, but we don't just rely on pure contextual plays. We also take user behavior into account within a publisher's page to ensure that we've properly captured a user's interest: User Buyer 3 visits 5 visits 1 visit Our approach elevates contextual at the intersection of content and user behavior. In the example does not make it into the "Basketball Enthusiast" segment because it has only 1 of 3 visits required for segmentation. This means our segment definition focuses on high user engagement with the content and factors in recency and frequency. • Content (HTML Text) • User ID and URL • Meta Keywords • Meta Description • Keyword Scoring TripleLift modernizes contextual with a range of inputs and sophisticated parsing and scoring of page content to ensure overall content alignment, leveraging both natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Segment Basketball Enthusiast 3+ visits in last 7 days to basketball content Deal ID BBall123 Bid Req Deal: BBall123 on Bid Req Deal: BBall123 on

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