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Identity Solution Partners Build an Unshakeable Privacy & Identity Strategy For a deeper dive into this, we recommend checking out our Prepper Playbook for Advertisers , which provides tactical battlecards and strategy guidance on planning for a world without 3PC. 1P Identified Use standard 1P data segments to target ads publisher by publisher 10 % 90 % Cross - Domain Identified Target audiences across domains using ID solutions Group / Cohort Solve for retargeting use cases using group targeting from Privacy Sandbox proposals + - Cross - domain identity solution partners may only account for 10% of available supply. We dig into that more at our Privacy Hub . To complement your ID solution partners, and to capture the remaining 90%, we recommend taking a portfolio approach that will perform and scale in non - 3PC environments. Identity solution partners allow you to target the exact audiences you're looking for, based on strong identifiers like email logins. TripleLift is evaluating and integrating identity solution partners who are privacy - forward and innovative in response to the deprecation of third - party cookies (3PC). We work with leading partners that empower user targeting on a publisher - by - publisher basis as with first - party (1P) publisher IDs, as well as targeting users across multiple domains. Target Identified Users with Confidence Check Your ID Solution Partner Status with TripleLift Use the guide below to see if we're integrated with your partner of choice. Beta GA Discovery Targeted Across Domains à ID5 à TTD UID 2.0 à LiveRamp RampID Similar targeting behavior to 3PC, targeting user across multiple publishers Targeted on a Single Domain à Google PPID à PreBid SharedID Can be used to target users on a single publisher; data will not track across domains. *As of October 2022

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