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Prepper Playbook Contents Introduction The Game So Far Play Your Cards Right Consider the Addressability Spectrum Make First - party Data Your MVP Make Your Contextual Modern Test & Learn Understand Your Current Measurement Strategy Game On Quick References Worksheet Sample Media Plan Glossary Additional Resources Intro Programmatic advertising is changing fast, but updating your ad strategy doesn't have to be a slog. Instead, think of it like a strategy game; you want to build the best possible hand of battlecards to prepare you for whatever the game throws at you next. Goal The goal of this playbook is to empower you with tools and knowledge to start building an actionable strategy for the future. By addressing the battlecards we've outlined, you should be building a battledeck that addresses your specific goals. You can use this guide to confidently plan for an advertising world without third - party cookies. 01 02 07 9 11 12 13 14 15 18 19 20 21 Why are we talking about battledecks anyway? The world of programmatic privacy and identity regulations and industry changes can be a lot to take in. To make media planning more manageable, we've simplified things into five battlecards you can use to build your own battledeck for attacking these challenges. This playbook is your guide for making those decisions. Card Notes 22

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